Monday, August 2, 2010

barn house flea

at the end of each day there is always a story to tell...

here is the story of the barn house flea

happy shoppers waiting for the doors to open
(this couple wanted to be the first in line and arrived by 6:45am, they're so happy and cute)

the line just kept growing...

so many fabulous displays

 even the food was beautiful...

fun, fabulous friends...

the fun never seemed to end
the barn house flea market was a 
huge success
thanks to all of our wonderful customers, fabulous friends and especially joe and jermonne for a great story to remember...

you're the best!

laurie and debbie
worthy goods


  1. It was a blast!!!!! I can't wait for the Camas Vintage Street Fair this month now!!!!

  2. It was so fun to be with you guys.
    Your pictures are fantastic, I'm pretty sure your one of the overachievers I was referring to! What a wonderful job you girls do!

  3. So beautiful...I wish we'd been able to get up there too! That sweet couple in your first picture bought my beloved farm table..I had a hard time parting with it:-)
    We're following you and I have you on our sidebar to see you the other day! Have a FABULOUS street faire this month!!! Lisa

  4. Hopping around today. So glad I hopped on over here. What an amazing place this BH flea is! I'm blown away.

  5. Great to see you girls at the show! Your booth was, of course, one of the cuuuttteeesstt!!! Best of luck at the Camas street faire, I hope to make it up to shop :)


  6. So nice to get to know you both a bit better at the Barn House Flea!! Your booth was absolutely fabulous - just beautiful really!!! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos with all of us!!
    Have a great summer!! All the best to you both!! . . . :) liz

  7. What a lovely, lovely day!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. Great photos! Thanks for sharing...

  9. totally jealous, I wish I could be there! thanks for sharing!

  10. wish I could have gone looks wonderful....

  11. sooo darling - looks like so much fun! thanks for the recap... xx pam

  12. I've been lusting after everyones Barn House pics so I was so happy to find yours too! LOVE THEM! ...hey I'm your newest follower!

  13. I have loved seeing the Barn House show pictures all over the blog world...I have just been thinking...does the gal in line wearing green realize how famous she is? Maybe you all know who she is but I've been seeing her picture everywhere (that's what happens when you are first in line at such a fabulous event) and she is so photogenic and beautiful!