Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Barn House Love

There are so many things to love about Barn House.

1.  The boys... Joe and Jermonne.  This big hearted, talented, fun loving duo gave life to their vision for creating the best Vintage Market in the NW.  We feel truly humbled and blessed to be a part of the array of amazing people known as the Barn House Family.

Jermonne and Joe
Laurie, Jermonne, Debbie
Kelly, Jermonne, Debbie

2.  The vendors... What an amazing group of creative, generous, fun, hard working, crazy people!
Toni, Joy (Auntie Joy)

Bob Kennedy - Retreat
Billie and Kurt - Brocanteur Vintage

Lynn,  JoDee, Kat (Duchess)

Kimberly (Kimberly Taylor Images), Debbie (Worthy Goods)
Modern Prairie Girl

3.  The guests...  Show day brings with it an incredible energy.  We talk to so many people who share the same passion.  A desire to find original pieces, create beautiful homes and spaces, have fun and enjoy the day!
Line before opening

These ladies were in line by 7:00am!

  4.  The animals... You can't have a show in the country without a few furry friends!

Girls and barn cats ~ a match made in heaven.

5.  The goods... Fabulous eye candy everywhere!

That's what we love about Barn House!  Thanks for stopping by...
Debbie and Laurie - Worthy Goods


  1. Looks like it was a success! Love all the pictures! Always fun to see how everyone displays their goodies!


  2. You two girls, are as beautiful on the inside, as on the outside>>>> Love you lots!
    Thank you for still making me feel part of "The Family"!
    PS My husband adores you Debbie :)))

  3. Hi Girls!
    Cel sure enjoyed BH and seeing everyone! She said your booth was amazing... as always! She really wanted to purchase a set of your beautiful pillowcases. If you have a set available, would you be a sweetheart and send them to's Cel's Birthday Sunday and I know she would be thrilled. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the show.

    xo Glad

  4. Your blog said it all...took the words right out of my mouth. I'm already thinkin about next year! :o) Joyce


  5. Love all the pictures! Always fun to see how everyone displays their goodies!

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  6. Your booth was so, so lovely, girls! Those yellow beds are burned in my brain! ha! ;)

    love you ladies so much!!!
    thanks for your encouragement on this junk journey.

  7. Hi there! I just saw your comment on MMS, and you mentioned the Barn House event :) I was there! It was such a fun event, and so nice to meet another fellow blogger from OR! Just had to stop by and say hi~

  8. Hi Debbie and Laurie!
    It was great meeting and chatting with you at BH. You two girls are so inspiring. Cant wait till you can bring your great style down our way! See you in Alameda soon??? Colette and Katy