Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Barn House... How fun was that?!!!

How do we describe the profusion of emotions and experiences we equate with Barn House?
We are enamored with our Barn House Boys Joe and Jermonne. Their warm-hearted, generosity spills out onto everyone and everything around them.

images via the extremely talented Liz LeDore from Seabold Vintage Market
You just never know what might happen when you're running on adrenaline.  Did we mention that we are sisters-in-law?  Therefore having the eternal right to impromptu makeovers whenever we feel it's needed!

We feel blessed to be part of the Barn House family. It was a double blessing to have our daughters help out this year!

Laurie's daughter Chelsea and Debbie's daughter Kelly
Debbie, Chelsea, Laurie, Kelly
Joe~Barn House
Malia and Carrie from Salt and Sea
We thoroughly enjoyed putting our space together. So much goes into pulling a show together. The work is hard but incredibly satisfying. We love what we do!

Our hearts are filled to the brim with gratitude. Thank you Joe and Jermonne for opening your hearts and home to all of us!


  1. I LOVE all these photos! It was such a fun and beautiful day- thank you for sharing it with me :)

  2. Debbie and Laurie~oh how I miss you! I love your booth space~so much I could have brought home!! Such a thoughtful blog post also~so so sweet! Can't wait to see you again...I need to get up to Portland soon...need a Worthy Goods FIX!!

  3. looks amazing wished I could have been there this year.

  4. We enjoyed it too! Hot and crowded but everyone there did such a great job of hosting all the people, from the parking crew on through to all the booths. Sadly we couldn't stay long enough for the food or music but my husband and I had a good time and I am very happy with my Big Ben black clock and my badger hair giant paint brush. I took a lovely picture of your booth too!

  5. i know how genuine and well deserved this heartfelt tribute is to the boys and i feel much the same. they have brought so much friendship and love into my life. on another note you girls are something else! talented and hardworking. you make such a great team! i am so glad we became friends and think...if it were't for those boys i would never have known or met you and that would indeed be a sad thing! xo

  6. The pictures of your space at BH look beautiful. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to make it out there this year. I would love to have seen both of you. Hope you both are doing well :).



  7. Thanks for sharing pictures for those of us who couldn't make the trip.

  8. It really looks like a wonderful show! Wish I lived closer! karen....

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